Milam's Equipment Sales offers many different services to our customers. We try to go the extra mile. We have expended our services and now offer worldwide shipping at an affordable rate and are now able to accept L/C as payment for our inventory.

Milam's Equipment Sales is capable of transporting all used heavy equipment purchased from us for an affordable rate. Here are the items that we handle:

  • Roll-on Roll-off Shipments (US Ports: Baltimore, MD – Jacksonville, FL – Miami, FL and more)
  • Container Shipping 20 or 40 foot Standard and 40 foot High Cubes
  • Includes Customs Clearance and Export Document Preparation
  • Marine Insurance
  • Warehousing Facilities (US and Overseas)

L/C Payment 
Here are the few requirements that we require to take an L/C as payment:

  • Application for L/C (Proof that you are obtaining an L/C)
  • Copy of Form M
  • L/C will need to include price of machine and all shipping cost
  • Travel from any US Port (Not a specific port: Example: Norfolk, VA)
  • Customer must insure machine (Example: Marine Insurance or Your Country Insurance)
  • We prefer Freely Negotiable Unconfirmed L/C (Not Mandatory)